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Second Hand Forklift

"When should you consider used forklifts instead of new?"
Our company sells a lot of new and other major brand forklifts. However, we understand it is not always the best business decision for forklift shoppers to acquire new trucks. Often used equipment is the best buy.
Pictured at right is an example of our reconditioned,
ready to go forklifts!
"Right Forklift to buy?"
"What are some situations where
purchasing a good, reconditioned
forklift might be the right forklift to
buy (or lease) ?"
Recondition 6FBR15 Battery Reach Truck
You should consider used forklifts when:
You need a standby truck.
Delivery on a new forklift takes too long - but there is a good used truck available.
Your forklift is not used hard all day long. Use is intermittent.
You have budget constraints.
Price of new is just too high, but there is a good reconditioned used truck available.
For short jobs that you won't need the forklift when the job is completed.
You have a fleet of older style lifts which your operators really like. There have been changes on the new units, so you'd like to purchase a used truck that's "just like" what you're using now.
When you are looking to buy a used forklift, it pays to know what is the source of that truck.
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Used Forklift Reference List
Used Sweeper/Scrubber
Used Baoli Forklift
Used Hyster Forklift
Used Komatsu Forklift
Used Mitsubishi Forklift
Used Nissan Forklift
Used TCM Forklift
Used Tennant Sweeper/Scrubber
Used Toyota Forklift
Used Yale Forklift
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