FB or FBR Forklift Battery

FB or FBR Forklift Battery
ACE Power Equipment
Gives New Life to Your "Expensive Forklift Battery"!
Forget about scraping away your spoil High cost Forklift Battery. Consider about our environments. We are able to gives New Life to Your Battery with our special Treatment; at only Fraction cost of a New Battery. Contact us for Huge savings!

Extend the life of your truck Traction Batteries by using our "ACE Battery Contract". Weak cells will deliver low Voltage and high Amperage, causing serious damage to the truck electrical components and will also shorten battery life. With proper watering, charging, and cleaning, a battery should last at least five years. With a good reconditioning "ACE Treatment" at about 2 to 3 years of age, a battery's life could be extended well beyond five years. The operating capacity of a reconditioned battery in its final years is greatly improved, minimizing truck damage.
Battery watering
Battery acid adjustments
Battery testing and reporting
Battery washing
Battery corrosion removal
Battery servicing and repairs
Battery charger servicing and repairs
Battery tray servicing and repairs
Battery handling staff training
Forklift Battery Badly Soiled
Before ACE Treatment
Forklift Battery Refurbished
Battery Doctor
After ACE Treatment
Battery Badly Sulphated
Forklift Battery After ACE Treatment
Forklift Battery Doctor
Battery Doctor
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